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Customer and Technical Support

Your customers keep you in business, give them the support they deserve day or night! U.S. based support, fully branded to your company. Fixed Wireless, VoIP, Wi-Fi/Hotspot, Fiber, DSL, Dialup, Billing and Sales.


Remote Desktop Support

You are already the Internet expert...but sometimes your customers expect you to be the computer expert as well! Turn on this profit generator and give them what they need.


Issue Tracker

The most comprehensive ticketing system out there! Built for, but not limited to, the ISP industry.


  • “We were paying lots of money to an answering service who had no technical capabilities whatsoever. Support incidents were just getting escalated, leaving us with the work to resolve them. When we found ServerPlus we switched immediately. They have capable staff and experienced management to handle our customer support needs. Now our business can focus on core competency and sales instead of being tied up in support. Now our customers receive timely technical help and get their problems resolved faster, without our business having to dedicate time and personnel to the tasks!”

    Sterling Jacobson

    Rapidwave, LLC

  • "I really love that someone calls my cell if you feel there are too many calls coming in. We cannot always see every outage and it is important to us that we have staff to warn us of potential problems. I also appreciate that your staff calls or chats for help. I never want my customers to feel shuffled around if we can help that."


  • "If you ask around, you are the best option."

    Pinnacle Network Solutions

RelaxLet Us Do The Work

  • Customer and Technical Support

    US-based Customer, Technical, Billing and Sales Support (Utah and Florida). Fully-branded to your company. Available as a 24/7/365 solution or After Hours/Overflow and Weekends only. Automated Call-Back System for High Call Volume. 100% Recorded Calls. Real-time access to Call Driver, Incident, Issue, or Combined Reports. Fully-customized Troubleshooting. Email Support. No LD costs by sending calls via SIP. 99.9% uptime with VoIP and PSTN failover. Multilingual Support available.


    Customers are increasingly turning to Social Media when they need help. Make sure you’re there for them! The internet has changed…and FINALLY support has too!

    RealChoice TV

    Our REAL CHOICE TV solution will allow you to bundle, have greater market saturation and will have a major impact on your bottom line! Local Channels included!

  • Data Entry

    ServerPlus provides outsourced data entry through our highly trained and competent staff. With thousands of transactions completed weekly our team is always available to provide you with quick, efficient, and low cost data entry. Exceptionally high accuracy combined with efficiency is what you are looking for, and that is exactly what we provide!

    Remote Desktop Support

    We will remotely access your customer's computer and remove viruses, handle updates, setup email, help with browsing, etc. Cost is per resolved ticket, we don't fix it, you don't pay. Save truck-rolls, increase revenue. Turn on this Profit Generator and become your customer's trusted partner.

    Email Hosting

    99.99% uptime. Spam and Virus Filtering through Black Lists and Bayesian Analysis. DKIM and SPF verification to prevent legitimate mail from being flagged as Spam. Full-featured WebMail interface Similar to Outlook. Fully compatible with POP and IMAP. Sync other accounts to WebMail (Hotmail, GMail, etc.) 10GB mailboxes available.

We're a team that love what we do

  • Team Member

    Layne Sisk

    The President and CEO of ServerPlus. Prior to founding ServerPlus, Layne was the founder of one of the first internet retailers selling products via newsgroups before the introduction of the World Wide Web. He then successfully migrated to be a major retailer on the Web. He has a BS in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix with a minor in accounting. He has many diverse business interests and sits on the boards of several successful companies. Layne and his wife Kathy are the proud parents of 3 children and are active in both community and church.

    Team Member

    Warren Smith

    Warren has been with ServerPlus for 15 years and is currently serving time as the CTO. The remaining sentence is yet to be determined. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Utah State University. He loves herding his 3 children and cycling through the variety of the Utah landscape.

    Team Member

    Michael Coles

    Sales Manager. The past 22 years of Michael’s sales career have taken him from in home sales to tech sales - to building sales teams. . When ‘Mike’ isn’t preaching the ServerPlus Gospel, he spends his time with his wife of 22 yrs, ‘gaming’ with his 6 kids, working on his Z car, Scuba Diving, Caving, Golfing...

  • Team Member

    JT McKenna

    JT has worked in the tech support industry since 2001 and has been with ServerPlus since 2006. He currently resides in Lehi, UT with his wife and sons. When he is not managing the call floor or frolicking with his family, he spends an excessive amount of time at his beloved computer following sports and otherwise misusing his time.

    Team Member

    Alexandra Peck

    ISP Relations Manager. Alexandra has truly come up through the ranks. Her career at ServerPlus began as a Tech Support Agent from which she went on to Mentor and Train new agents and eventually become one of our Supervisors. Because of her experience with ISP's and knowledge of ServerPlus's systems (along with her amazing ability to get things done), she was the perfect choice to make sure the needs and expectations of our clients are always met. Whew! No wonder she spends her time off in Utah's amazing back country...away from tech and phones.

    Team Member

    Bo Barrett

    Tier 2 Network Operator. Bo has been with ServerPlus since 2005, during that time he has overseen growth and maintained quality in our support center and eventually became the Call Center Manager. Prior to that he worked as a technician at ServerPlus and was quickly promoted to a supervisory position. Bo has an established background in WISP support, equipment and implementation.

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